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Holiday Villas in Malaga

Holiday villas in Malaga are famous for the sunshine, sea and sand all the brochures promise. And there is no better way to enjoy all of these things than on Costa del Sol holidays. Tucked away in the south of the country, the beautiful Costa del Sol not only has the beaches tourists so often seek but is also blessed by a rich natural and historical heritage. Together with its picturesque clusters of pretty white buildings and the luscious Mediterranean food served in its restaurants and bars, it offers all the necessary ingredients for a perfect holiday.

Of course, the perfect holiday needs the perfect holiday accommodation. For some, hotels fit the bill but, increasingly, discerning visitors value the flexibility and home comforts of a villa. Moreover, many people find that a villa is more cost effective, leaving them with a higher budget for holiday spending. The Costa del Sol is no exception to the rule that there are holiday villas in Malaga to suit all tastes, budgets and group sizes.  

Some may be looking for a romantic getaway for two; others may be searching for somewhere for a group of friends, a family or large multi-generational gathering. Whatever your circumstances, a Costa del Sol holiday villa can offer the perfect compromise between home and away. With no need to share your holiday accommodation with anyone else, your family or group of friends can benefit from your own space in which to relax and enjoy yourselves. If you have children, there is little need to worry that they will disturb anyone else as they swim and play and having your own catering facilities means that you can feed hungry little ones on demand and according to their own likes and dislikes.

villas in malaga

villas in malaga

Costa del Sol holidays ought to be fun to plan. Deciding on your holiday villa can easily be part of the fun, provided you keep in mind a few important considerations. The relevance and significance of these will vary from person to person but they are a good basis for everyone to use as a starting point when beginning their accommodation search.

Damage Deposit  – Villas in Malaga

As elsewhere, many villas in Malaga require you to pay a deposit before your stay. It is important to find out if yours is one such villa and, if so, how much you must pay and when it will be returned. In the case of Holidays2malaga, we only charge in your first reservation 150 euros in case of holiday apartments and 400 euros in case of holiday homes and we will return it the day after finishing your stay. For our regular guests, this is not necessary and you will not have to pay this amount.

Swimming Pool – Villas in Malaga

Most people coming to the Costa del Sol Spain want a pool in their holiday accommodation. Most pools are private but occasionally a group of villas may share one. This could be ideal for you if yours is a larger group looking to spread yourselves out over more than one villa. Pool security is another consideration, especially if you have young children in your party. Although all pools must have life buoys, a gated and fenced pool may well bring additional peace of mind.

Other Leisure Facilities – Villas in Malaga

If you have active teenagers or keen exercisers in your party, a villa with a tennis court or that is within walking distance of a beach with water sports could be just the job. You might also be keen to test your outdoor cookery skills with a barbecue or need a good WIFI connection to keep on top of emails.


Something that occasionally puts people off the idea of a villa is the thought of doing their own cleaning. If this is you, it is worth looking for a villa that includes cleaning, perhaps once or twice, throughout your stay. In Holidays2malaga we offer this service once a week totally free but if you need it before, we can also offer it for an extra cost.

Shopping and provisions – Villas in Malaga

Of course, people staying in a villa know that they will have to shop for their own provisions. However, arrival flights sometimes land late in the evening and shops may be closed by the time you reach your villa. Some owners are happy to supply a small package of groceries to see you through until the morning; it is worth enquiring about this if you are booked on a late-arriving flight. In those circumstances, a restaurant meal might also be an option because, in Spain, restaurants usually stay open very late. As a rule, provided you take note of early closing days, shopping for your own food is not a problem. Very few villas in Spain are not reasonably close to food shops or markets of some type or other, although a car may be necessary for easy access. A Costa del Sol holiday villa should be no exception and many are situated close to some superb food markets, where you can choose your own local produce for your evening meal. Equally, you might like to try one of the excellent local restaurants, which often specialise in serving freshly caught seafood. Deciding not to cook one evening will never have been easier or more justifiable.

villas in malaga

Most Costa del Sol villa renters will think carefully about the number of bedrooms but it is important also to factor bathrooms into your planning. No-one wants to queue for their shower, particularly when the beach is calling.

Plenty of holiday homes in Spain have attractive views but Costa del Sol holiday villas are blessed with some of the most stunning. There may not even be any need to choose between sea and mountains as some overlook both: perfect for those lazy evening drinks on the terrace. Do bear in mind, though, that some of the villas with the most beautiful outlooks may be slightly more remote than others.

Hiring a car may be a necessity if your villa is not within easy walking distance of shops, restaurants and beaches. However, even if you do hire a car, you may wish to use public transport to go further afield or for an evening out. It is always worth checking whether your chosen villa is on a convenient bus route. At Holidays2malaga we give this service and we offer you taxis or rental cars. 

Whatever villa accommodation you choose, whatever time of year you decide to come, and whoever your travelling companions are, we are sure you will enjoy a holiday on the Costa del Sol Spain. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful corner of the world in Holidays2malaga.

villas in malaga