Cheap car hire in Málaga

We recommend that when planning your stay you consider car hire in Málaga, as it will allow you to be independent and organise yourself a lot better. Here we have provided you with some basic information on how to go about it and the companies we work with, so that everything is made easier for you during your visit to the city.

Why hire a car in Málaga

One of the reasons to hire a car in Málaga is to enable you to move freely around the city. In order to get around the city centre you will not require a car, as it is very pleasant to walk around the streets and visit the monuments, museums and churches you will find along the way, such as the Picasso Museum, the Cathedral and Roman Theatre, to name a few.

However, if you would like to visit other areas – and we do recommend it – within the periphery, province or region, hiring a car is your best alternative where price and convenience are concerned. Additionally, it will allow you to make the most of your leisure time without having to queue or rely on the times of other means of transport.

How to hire a car in Málaga

If you would like to know how to hire a car in Málaga, we can help you. It is important that you search and compare between the different companies which offer car hire in Málaga.. Amongst them you will find multinational companies such as Europcar, Hertz, etc., and family run companies located close to the Málaga Airport.

We always recommend that you look carefully not only at the hire price given at the beginning of your enquiry, but also at the extra charges because here is where the difference between the many car hire companies lies. Amongst these additional charges are, for example, insurance costs, second driver, GPS, car seats for children, etc.

Additionally, check if they charge commission for card payments or booking changes, if they have a 24 hour customer service…Ultimately, take into account every detail to ensure that your car hire booking meets your expectations without any unexpected surprises.

Once you have chosen your preferred car hire company, make your reservation and choose where you would like to collect your hire car from, and also how long you would like to keep the car for.

Do not worry about parking. In Málaga there are many parking areas and garages to choose from which offer good service and good rates. We will be very happy to inform you about them.

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The best car hire company in the centre of Málaga

Car hire in the centre of Málaga is an option which is becoming more and more established every day, and it is the preferred choice for people who want to make the most of their time during their stay, be independent and freely get around. It also allows you to decide which day you want to set out, at what time and the route you want to take, and of course it gives you the option to change your plans according to your requirements and how you feel.

We have done some research on what each car hire company in Málaga centre offers, and we recommend Marbesol. It has over 40 years’ experience in the sector and we have collaborated with them since our beginning. They have branches at the Málaga Airport, the Málaga Port and train station María Zambrano in Málaga city. For us they are the best car hire company in the centre of Málaga because they are located close by upon your arrival, during your stay and at the time of return.

We do hope that these pointers are useful to you. Our aim with them is to advise, help and guide you so that car hire in Málaga does not cause you any worry.

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