Hotels for cyclists

Hotels for cyclists: the best accommodation for keen cyclists

Are you a keen cyclist? Do you have plans to travel the world and discover its hidden corners by bike? If you are cycling through Málaga and are searching for an amazing place to stay whilst you enjoy the wonderful cycling routes, this is the place for you. If cycling is part of your lifestyle and your holiday plans, take a look at our apartments, which have been specifically designed for cyclists. Prepare yourself to experience great services, exciting activities and friendly staff who understand what it means to be a cyclist. Make sure that every stop along the way is carefully planned. At Villa Lorena you do not need to worry. Come and visit us with your two-wheeled friend!

Hotels for cyclists in Málaga

Hotels for cyclists in Málaga are becoming more a more popular every day. Trying to find a hotel for keen cyclists in this city is not easy, as not everywhere offers the services and qualities that Villa Lorena does. However, at our hotel you can find everything you need as a guest and a cyclist. It sounds good, doesn’t it? The accommodation is designed specifically for you, ensuring fun like never before.

Living the experience at hotels for cyclists

Living the experience at hotels for cyclists is something unique, as hotels such as Villa Lorena serve as meeting points. It is a great place to share experiences and get to know other people who are also keen cyclists and who share the same interests. We guarantee that the experience is second to none!

What services do hotels for cyclists have in Málaga?

The hotel for cyclists in Málaga has the best services. We offer the Medium Cycling Friendly (triple allen key, screwdrivers, wrenches, spanners and chain cutters) and the Bronze Cycling Friendly, which includes security bike hooks, pumps, basic repair kit, charging station for electric bikes, personalised routes, etc. Additionally, at Villa Lorena you can enjoy an impressive outdoor swimming pool with umbrellas and sun beds, to relax after a day pedalling around the city. There is also free Wi-Fi throughout, a garden area, solarium and area to store your bikes, as well as somewhere to clean them. Nevertheless, if you cannot travel with your own bike, we also offer a rental service. You do not need to worry about a thing!

Furthermore, Villa Lorena has an Honesty Bar with beer, cava, soft drinks and various snacks, so that you can recharge upon returning from a bike ride. 

What are the rooms like at the hotel for cyclists?

The rooms at the hotel for cyclists are impressive. Villa Lorena has a total of 7 rooms which provide all the services and decor that any great cyclist seeks. However, the double room seems to be the preferred one amongst other cyclists who have visited this villa with friends. Carry on reading to find out about its features! 

Double room at the hotel for cyclists

The double room at the hotel for cyclists has air conditioning, a private shower room, hairdryer, safe, flat-screen Smart TV and coffee machine/kettle. This room at Villa Lorena is on the ground floor of the hotel, which is ideal because it enables you to come out directly to the area where your bike is stored. You can start cycling straight away! 

Where are the bike friendly hotels located in Málaga?

The bike friendly hotels in Málaga are usually located on the outskirts of the city, but our hotel Villa Lorena is located in one of the best areas in Málaga: El Limonar. This area is located just a 2 minute bike ride from the beach and a 10 minute bike ride from the city centre. Therefore the location is unbeatable. Can you already picture yourself cycling along the Málaga coast? 

Easy bike tours in Málaga

Cyclists who stay in Villa Lorena always enquire about the easy bike routes around Málaga because, although they want to cycle, they also want to enjoy the surroundings. If this is your case, do not worry! Carry on reading to find out about the best routs in the city and province of Málaga.  

Tour around Málaga city centre

The route around Málaga city centre is one of the most popular amongst people who stay at this cyclist hotel. Málaga city has over 44 kilometres of cycling lanes, making it very easy to discover Málaga by bike. On this route you will be able to enjoy the historic sites and also the best beaches in Málaga, whilst learning about the culture of the place. You will not regret it! 

Guadalhorce Route

The Guadalhorce Route starts at the mouth of this river and ends at the same place. If you do this route, you will be able to contemplate the spectacular scenery surrounding the river. The nature of this place and the birds that live in the area are worthy of admiring.  

Laguna de Fuente de Piedra Route

The Laguna de Fuente de Piedra Route is another route that you can do and enjoy by bike. There are several viewpoints by this lake from where to enjoy the surroundings. Similar to the previous route, here the nature and the birds are also the main attraction. Do not miss it!   

These are only some of the routes to do by bike and enjoy Málaga. Nevertheless, there are many more that we are sure you will also like. Now it is over to you. Do you have any questions about this hotel for cyclists in Málaga? Think no further: we have the best tourist apartments in Málaga available to you. We await you at Villa Lorena!