Where to go out in Málaga

Amongst the many tourist attractions and things to do in Málaga, the capital of the Costa del Sol, there is also its wide range and large number of leisure and clubbing places. Below we have detailed the best discos for a night out in Málaga, in addition to bars that play live music and other popular places where you can go for a dance.

Sala Gold, a great option for clubbing in Málaga

discoteca gold Málaga
sala gold Málaga

+4k reviews


Sundays – Thursdays: 11pm – 6am
Fridays – Saturdays: 11pm – 7am

In the historical
centre of Málaga

We begin our guide of the best discos and bars in Málaga with a classic option of local nightlife in Málaga – Sala Gold – which is located in Calle Luis de Velázquez 5, right in the city centre. 

It is open every day from Mondays to Sundays, so you can go there any day of the week, and even return because every night there is a different theme.

Hydraulic stage, video walls, huge LED screen… at Sala Gold no expense has been spared to put on a show for everyone who goes there. 

One of its main features is that it has up to four booths or VIP areas. There is a main VIP area with a capacity of up to 140 people.

Additionally, it has the VIP DJ area, with a maximum capacity of 70 people, and a VIP LED area for up to 20 people. Finally, it has an exclusive Super VIP area, which can only be occupied by 12 people at a time.

Please note that Sala Gold also has an annexed room where you can watch televised football matches and those who like singing can do karaoke.

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Wengé Privé, a disco where every night is different

wengé privé Málaga
wenge Málaga

+ 630 reviews


Sundays – Thursdays: 10pm – 6am
Fridays – Saturdays: 10pm – 7am

In the city
centre of Málaga

Wengé Privé is a great option to go clubbing in Málaga for those looking for a modern place with younger crowds to have a good night out.

The disco plays the current modern hits and it is nicely decorated. A good night out is guaranteed every weekend, but this does not mean that during the week the fun stops.

Except for Tuesdays and Sundays, every night there is a different theme. For instance, Mondays is the day of “Follow the rabbit”, which refers to Alice in Wonderland, when participants have the chance of winning some rabbit ears or a mask. 

On Wednesday nights at Wengé Privé the themes vary, but they are always related to an international festival called ESNIGHT.

Thursday nights is student night, when reggaeton and Latin music are the most popular types of current music to dance to.

The weekends kick off on Fridays with Love from Málaga, with a great live DJ. Gifts and surprises are guaranteed throughout the night. 

Saturday nights are the biggest night and Wengé Privé pulls out all the stops with its One Night Only. Who wants to enjoy a night out?

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Discoteca Andén, a true classic of nightlife in Málaga

discoteca andén Málaga
discoteca anden

+1,3K reviews


Fridays – Saturdays: 11:30pm – 7am

In the city
centre of Málaga

In the central and renowned Plaza Uncibay several of the popular places for nights out in Málaga are located. One of them is Disco Andén, which was opened in 1988. Since then it has been a popular nightlife place for locals and visitors – dance until you drop!

Its slogan makes it clear: “Get on the midnight train until sunrise”. The station at the entrance immerses you into an experience which you are sure to remember. 

Disco Andén in Málaga is well equipped to ensure a great night out. It is divided into two large and completely independent rooms to suit different tastes and styles. Everyone can choose the place and music they like best.

Although it gets very busy there are four bars to order drinks from, which means that waits are never very long.

It also offers other services and extras such as fabulous cutting-edge lighting, many screens, robot system, two cloakrooms and six VIP booths. So many extras are available to customers.

If you are looking for VIP treatment, these six booths offer it, firstly because of their position, from where you can see the whole club, but also because you can buy bottles of drink and enjoy an exclusive waiter service.

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Sala Ritual VIP Club, where the night is as young as its crowds

discoteca ritual Málaga
discoteca ritual

+400 reviews


Fridays – Saturdays: 11pm – 7am

Not a central
area in Málaga

This disco might not be as popular as the previous one, but Sala Ritual VIP Club has also been a nightlife reference in Málaga since it opened its doors in 2009 along Avenida Isaac Peral, 43. This place was previously known as Sala Época, but its name and image were changed some time ago to bring it up to date. 

Its aim is to make every night special and different and full of surprises. This is something it has always fulfilled in spite of the years gone by. 

How do they do it? Thanks to the varied entertainment they offer and the shows they put on, guaranteeing fun for everyone. In case you are wondering, the crowds tend to be young people, normally in their 20s and 30s, looking to enjoy a fun and unforgettable night out. Many people consider the terrace one of the best parts of this disco, equipped to use anytime of the year. 

Sala Ritual VIP Club belongs to the Moliere Group , which also manages several other popular places in the city, does not have any audio-visual and sound effects, so dancing to the hits on radio format is more enjoyable than ever. It is not just a disco, but it also doubles up as a restaurant where events and company gatherings take place.

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Malafama: time to dance in Málaga

bar malafama Málaga
malafama Málaga

+730 reviews


Thursdays – Sat: 11pm – 4:30am

Close to the
Cathedral of Málaga

The name of this disco is clearly misleading (bad fame), because one of the main features of Malafama is that it is respected by its clientele, which includes regular customers, those who only visit occasionally and those who have just been once whilst on holiday. 

Where is disco Malafama located? It is easy to find when walking through the centre. It is located in Pasaje Mitjana, 1. When is it open? From Thursdays to Saturdays from 11pm until 4:30am. Time will definitely fly by here. 

Its name catches the eye because it only has one vowel sound (the vowel a), like the name of the city. This is the main reason that it attracts passers-by. However, it is worth paying it a visit not just for the name. 

It is known for its theme nights set around local festivities, such as the Málaga Feria, Halloween and Christmas. It is during these events when costumes, gogo dancers, gifts for participants, raffles and other surprises are the main attractions. 

The atmosphere is another one of the highlights for regular customers, with hits blasting out from the DJ’s booth blowing up the dance floor, making everyone want to get up and dance. There are also booths for up to 10 or 20 people. In the booths you can order bottles of drink and also shishas.

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Liceo: live music in a fantastic place

discoteca liceo Málaga
discoteca liceo

+220 reviews


Fridays – Saturdays: midnight – 6am

Close to the
Cathedral of Málaga

With such a stately name (lyceum) some might think that we are referring to a place of high culture where opera and classical music are the focus. But Liceo is, in fact, one of the most popular discos in the whole of Málaga.

Its name is not just coincidental though, as the building where it is located also has its history. It is small palace which formerly was the provincial government building in the nineteenth century.

Here space is not a problem as Disco Liceo can hold up to 450 people. Opening times are also not an issue as its doors are open until 7am. So if you are a true party animal, this is just the place for a great night out. 

Live music is very popular at Liceo. Many concerts of different genres regularly take place here. If we had to highlight a particular style, it is fair to say that the most popular ones are pop rock and flamenco fusion. However, DJs are of course not out of the picture. It has two floors which offer enough diversity so that everyone can find the place where they feel most comfortable.

Due to the type of atmosphere, the average age of the crowds tends to be a little older than the other places we have mentioned previously. Save it on Google Maps as a place to go out in Málaga. Liceo is located in Calle Beatas 21, also in the city centre. 

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Theatro Club: fun in Málaga has many sides

discoteca theatro Málaga
theatro club Málaga

+1,2 reviews


Sundays – Thursdays: 10pm – 6am
Fridays – Saturdays: 10pm – 7am

In the
city centre

Founded in the year 2014, the Theatro Club proudly separates itself from the traditional sense of disco and focuses on offering the public something different, which can be presented in many forms, but mainly always centred around live shows. And without any breaks! Therefore, we can enjoy its culture and leisure options every day of the week. However, before we tell you any more about it, please note that it is also located in the city centre, as are most of the places that we have mentioned here. Theatro Club is in Calle Lazcano 5, very close to Plaza Mitjana. 

As we said before, Theatro Club was started up with the idea of offering something else than what we find at any other nightclub. Its atmosphere proves that it is a special place, with its cabaret style décor. The first time you walk in you are sure to be amazed by the décor, as it is very unique and striking. 

However, beyond the decoration, the most significant feature is what it offers: from burlesque theatre to monologues, flamenco concerts, tributes to renowned musicians, singer-songwriters, theatre, dance, screenings, etc. At Theatro Club variety is commonplace, which means that the type of visitors is also diverse. 

We are ultimately talking about a place where visitors can enjoy a very complete and eclectic choice, with something practically for all kinds of public. Additionally, the managers unmistakably support local artists, therefore boosting local talent, through aspiring artists and familiar faces in the local world of culture. 

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Barsovia: your usual disco playing all the hits

pub barsovia Málaga
bar barsovia Málaga

+800 reviews


Wed – Thursdays: 10pm – 3am
Fridays – Saturdays: 4pm – 4am

Close to the
Cathedral of Málaga

If you are visiting the Costa del Sol or live here, you may have asked yourself which is the oldest disco in Málaga, the one which has been entertaining the local public and visitors the longest. The answer is this one: Barsovia. It is the oldest bar in Málaga with over three decades of history behind it.

Just the name of this disco and its long serving years catch everyone’s attention, making it difficult not to pay it a visit to find out in person what makes it a popular place for going out in Málaga. In order to do so you do not have to leave the city centre, as it is located in Calle Méndez Núñez, number 3, next to Plaza Uncibay. 

We should mention that the clientele tends to be in their 30s and 40s, mainly due to the selection of music played here. If you like to enjoy the hits from the past then you are in luck as Barsovia has a preference for music hits from the 80s and 90s. 

Another of its attractions are private events, theme parties, stag and hen dos, booths…Barsovia has moved with the times to ensure they receive a considerable amount of people each night. Nevertheless, it has done so without having to give up its original proposal, which is to guarantee fun with lifelong hits. They always work… 

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Sala Premier: Looking for a cinema themed bar in Málaga?

discoteca premier Málaga
sala premier Málaga

+5k reviews


Sundays – Sat: 8:30pm – 12:30am
Mondays – Fridays: 1:30pm – 4:30pm
Saturdays to Sundays: 1pm – 4:30pm

In 3 different places
in Málaga

As everybody does not have the same idea of fun when going out, leisure options in Málaga are not only limited to discos and nightclubs. On the contrary: in Málaga there are also bars where you can go out for some drinks and have a good time. One of them is Sala Premier, a place which we are sure you will remember and will want to return to with friends, if they do not already know it. Particularly if you are a group of friends who like to spend hours talking, discussing and debating about films and television series – you will love it!

Please note that there is more than one Sala Premier. There are three in the city: Sala Premier Centro (located in Calle Molina Lario, number 2), Sala Premier Teatinos (located in Avenida Plutarco, number 63) and Sala Premier Huelin (in Calle Río Rocío, number 16).

What is special about Sala Premier? The answer is its truly wonderful atmosphere, where cinema and series are the main focus. All the cinema classics and latest television wonders decorate the walls, making it a unique place. The first time you visit Sala Premier you are sure to spend a while looking at the numerous details of films and series that make up the atmosphere. 

On one side, the Sala Premier in the centre of Málaga is distributed over two floors and offers its visitors a number of different board games. You will also get the chance to watch the broadcast of sporting events on huge screens. We must not forget an important element: it has an enviable terrace which visitors love. 

The pioneer was Sala Premier Teatinos, located in the university area of Málaga. Last but not least, there is Sala Premier Huelin, the youngest of the three. Good vibes are guaranteed at any of them, so do not think twice about going.

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ZZ Pub: concert bar in Málaga par excellence

bar zz pub Málaga
zz pub Málaga

+1,8k reviews


Sundays – Thursdays: 10pm – 6am
Fridays – Saturdays: 10pm – 7am

Zona céntrica
de Málaga

The last place we would like to mention for spending a night out in Málaga is a character place called ZZ Pub. Its name is a reference to the American group ZZ Top, which gives us a clear clue as to what type of bar it is. If you are a true rock fan, save this address: Calle Tejón y Rodríguez, number 6, because here is where ZZ Pub is located. 

This bar is proud to say that it has been hosting concerts since 1991. Since then it has been playing the soundtrack to many nights in Málaga. In fact, in the year 2018 it had reached 10,000 concerts held, a very impressive number. 

Therefore we are talking about a true classic where live music is concerned in Málaga. Not only have local bands taken to its stage, but also national and international artists which may not be on the front pages but have enough talent and showmanship to make the public dance and jump. Amongst the regular bands at ZZ Pub we have Sugar & The Spankers, El Trío del Saco, Los Culpables, Children of Queen and Switch.

Music on stage in Málaga makes no sense without ZZ Pub. And because music never rests, they do not either and open every day of the week. Every night ZZ Pub opens its doors to a public eager to enjoy live music.

We would like to point out one last thing and that is that the music genres played on the instruments here are not only focused on rock, but you can also enjoy other genres such as jazz, soul, indie, blues and funk

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More bars and discos for a night out in Málaga

Although we have provided you with a good selection of places for a night out in Málaga, nightlife in the capital city of the Costa del Sol offers much more. We cannot finish our selection without mentioning other bars, discos and nightclubs that entertain locals and visitors. Additionally there are places such as Bar 30 y Tantos, Discoteca Tennessee, Boat Copas, Gee’s Club, Sala Spectra, Chiquita Cruz, Atrévete, Natural Club, Rosse Vip Club, Bambu Music & Drinks, Bubbles Lounge Club, Atlantic, Toulouse Club and La Guarida.

Lastly, we would like to mention the shot bars in Málaga that are La Botellita and El Urbano, where you can also have a great time.

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